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  • 2 eggs

  • wholegrain wraps (you can either buy one or prepare your own >> see wrap recipe)

  • 1/4 avocado

  • 100g green asparagus

  • 10g olive oil

  • 70g low fat curd cheese

  • half a lemon

  • Salt and pepper

  • 15g shredded cheese (cheddar or any other cheese you like)


  1. Start by adding two eggs into a bowl together with a dash of milk, salt and pepper. Mix everything well and put aside for a moment.

  2. Prepare the green asparagus by breaking up the ends. Wash the asparagus and cut into three parts.

  3. Prepare two pans with olive oil and heat them up.

  4. Add the asparagus in one of them, the scrambled eggs in the other.

  5. Let the asparagus roast for a few minutes. when the scrambled egg is a little stiff, you can turn it over and separate it into small pieces

  6. Prepare the wraps by warming them up either in a hot pan, microwave or oven.

  7. Prepare the avocado by cutting into pieces.

  8. Prepare sour cream by mixing low fat curd cheese, salt, pepper and some lemon juice.

  9. Fill the wraps however you like: I start by adding the sour cream, then asparagus, egg, avocado and cheese on top. Roll and enjoy.

  10. You can fill the wraps with other greens as well - eg. Replace the green asparagus with spinach, salad or roasted oven veggies.


589 Calories - 39g Carbs / 34g Protein / 32g Fat


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