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It all started out with a simple idea of creating workouts that are fun, challenging

and easy accessible for athletes all over the world. 

By now we created over thousands of workouts day by day on instagram, started a program that holds over 1.000 Athletes, provide an affiliate program that helps boxes all around the world to bring health and fun into their gyms and with that into the life of thousands of people.


During the last year another idea came up - why not designing our own shirts and hoodies.

What we didn’t expect that the process of finding shirts we are 'completely proud of' would be that hard. 

We had a wide variety of designs before we even had the first shirt in our hands. 


Now we are here with our first launch. 

From designing every piece by our own - printing the shirts at a local supplier from our hometown Karlsruhe - to sending out every single piece to you.

We hope you love the products as much as we do and that they 

make you feel amazing, strong and fit. 



Founder | Head Coach | Videographer

For the first 20 years of my life I had only one thing in my mind - becoming a professional football (soccer) player. Just on the edge to make a living out of my passion, two serious knee injuries kicked me out of two seasons.

I was pretty devastated at that time, as football was my life and I wasn't able to play on a high level anymore.


Fast forward to today, those two injuries were probably not too bad, as I eventually found my big passion in the 'Sport of Fitness'.

Over the years I studied a lot of books about how our bodies work and tested different training methods successfully with over thousands of athletes.

With The Box Programming I have created a challenging & fun training program which uses proven training techniques to make you a better athlete.



Founder | Affiliate | Nutrition Coach

I’m thankful for growing up in a family that loves sport: from playing handball and tennis, skiing and dancing ballet to inline skating and throwing around chestnuts from the trees in our garden. With two older brothers by my side I always had somebody to compete and look up to. 


My passion for nutrition came up a little later. By experimenting a lot with different diets and ways of eating I recognised that I wanted to learn more. Especially about the biochemical processes within our body as well as the psychological aspect of eating. 


Today, I’m lucky enough to combine my passion of sport and nutrition. I support athletes around the world to create a happier & healthier life. 

That is possible by providing a fun program for affiliates and box owners as well as in my daily job as a nutrition coach. 

Couldn’t wish for anything better than that. 





Every piece of our Daily Grind collection is designed in Berlin X-Berg. We wanted to get the fits and fabrics right, so It took us over one year to launch the first products we are proud of. All pieces are hand printed from our good friend Marco - Vincent takes care of the packaging and shipping process.

For our packages we only use CO2 friendly shipping bags .


Online Shop | Shipping

I am Louis' brother and am currently studying industrial engineering in Berlin. Next to my studies I take care of the online store. We turned our basement into our storage from where I pack and prepare all the orders for you. I played football growing up, running a lot lately & staying fit with the THE DAILY GRIND PROGRAM.


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