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This is definitely one of my favorite snack or breakfast recipes. If you like that one, also check out the 'protein Semolina pudding' and 'Apple Cottage cheese' recipe.


  • 60 g quinoa

  • 180ml hot milk (use any kind of milk you like or water)

  • 1 banana

  • 100g cottage cheese

  • 10g almond splinters


  1. rinse the quinoa under water

  2. pre heat 180ml milk in a pot

  3. add the washed quinoa

  4. let it simmer for 7-8 min. Afterwards let the milk rice cool down for around 5 min

  5. add half a banana & 100g cottage cheese to the quinoa - mix well and add in a bowl

  6. cut the other half of the banana pieces and bake in a hot pan with coconut oil

  7. add the fried banana as well as almond splinters and cinnamon on top of the quinoa

MACROS (for one ball)

590 Calories - 69g Carbs / 29g Protein / 20g Fat


The Calories and macros are calculated with regular 3,5% milk.

If you need some extra protein, add 15g vanilla protein powder to the quinoa milk rice

Prep double the portion and store half of it in the fridge so you have it available as a breakfast or snack the other day

In case you need some more sweetness you can add honey / maple syrup on top


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