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Energy balls are a great snack if you need some energy. Dates provide you with necessary carbohydrates, seeds & nuts with some healthy fats. They are also packed with vitamins and minerals.


  • 225g dates

  • 100g honey/maple syrup

  • 10g chia seeds & 10g linseeds (or 20g from one of them)

  • 110g oats

  • 100g pistacchios

  • 100g cranberries


  1. Add 225g dates in a food processor and blend roughly

  2. add 100g honey, 10g chia seeds, 10g linseeds and half of the oats (60g) to it and blend briefly. You should get a smooth mass out of it

  3. Add the mass into a big bowl

  4. Mix the rest of the oats, 100g pistachios, pinch of salt and 100g cranberries to the mass

  5. chill for 30 minutes in the fridge (if you store it longer, that is not a problem)

  6. shape mixture into 30 balls. I would recommend to weigh the whole mass and divide it through 30 so you have a rough feeling how much one of the energy balls should weigh.

  7. Roll them in shredded coconut or sesame

MACROS (for one ball)

83 Calories - 13g Carbs / 2g Protein / 2g Fat


You can store the energy balls airtight in the fridge for several days.

If you like you can change ingredients such as using different nuts and seeds or different dried fruits


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