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  • 130g rice (whole grain)

  • 2 hand full tomatoes

  • 1 onion

  • 2 hand full spinach

  • 80g kidney beans

  • 200g beef

  • half an avocado

  • 30 nature yoghurt, cilantro, lemon


  • Prepare rice as usual

  • Mix the rice with chopped chili, lemon juice, cilantro, salt & pepper

  • Cut an onion and beef

  • Fry both in a hot pan with oil

  • Shop tomato & avocado. Wash the beans & spinach

  • Adding it all together into a big bowl

  • For a dressing: mix yoghurt with lemon juice, salt and pepper and add on top of the bowl


Wraps fit very well to the bowl. They are super simple to prep

All you need for 6 wraps: 300g whole grain flour, 30 ml olive oil, 150 ml water, 2 tbsp salt

How to prep them:

  • mix flour and salt

  • add olive oil to it and knead the dough

  • slowly add the water in small portions to the dough - keep kneading the dough until it is firm

  • let raise for 15 -20 minutes

  • divide in 6 pieces and roll them flat

  • bake in a pan from both sides (no oil needed)

MACROS (for the one portion)

507 Calories - 60g Carbs / 35g Protein / 13g Fat

(without Wrap)


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