If you have a specific goal in mind that you want to achieve you need to have a look on what you eat.

Read on to find out what benefits both variations have, how each of them work, why they work and for what kind of people they work the best.


What is macro tracking? Macro tracking is a tool to monitor your overall calories and your macro nutrient intake (Carbs, fat and protein). For that method you need to know your overall calories specific for your goal and how the calories are divided on the macros.

Why macro tracking works.

First of all, you learn to count your macros and therefore being aware of what you eat and if this is bringing you towards your goal or not.

For most people it’s good to have a very specific target in mind and that they clearly know how to hit it. It’s kind of easy (once you get used to it) to track your macros with the help of an app.

Beneath that macro tracking is very flexible. You have your targets but can hit them with your favorite meals and therefore it’s easier to implement it in your routines and daily life.

Who it works for.

If you love numbers – you will love macro tracking. It’s kind of satisfying to know to hit your targets.

It also helps a lot to learn more about your current eating habits. Sometimes we are not aware what we eat, if we don’t write it down.

If you are in a sport that has weight classes, macro tracking is one of the most effiecient ways to hit your specific targets.

That’s being said, macro tracking has it’s downsides as well. For most people it’s stressful counting their macros and it can lead to binge eating.

Beneath macro tracking there are other food monitoring possibilities such as portion guide with your hands or skills how to build a plate.


What is mindful eating?

Mindful eating is a non-diet approach. You learn to listen to your body and what it needs. Things like eating slowly are part of mindful eating.

Mindful eating can support weight loss, prevent binge eating and help you to develop a better understanding of your body.

Why mindful eating works.

Mindful eating supports a healthy relationship with food. Don’t thinking about food all the time and being fine with your food choices can be relieving.

This should be a basic of your habits regarding nutrition – it can be applied everywhere and anytime. So, you can go back to it if you have the feeling that you falling of the track.

Who it works for.

Mindful eating works for anybody who wants to improve their relationship with food.

Its good to know how it works so you can combine it with calorie counting to get the most out of the two approaches.

Bottom line: Decide what are your goals and how you want to achieve them. See what works the best for you and adapt accordingly to your situation.


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